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Client Testimonials

"The beautiful, generous, spirited energy of your presence is a gift that calls us into healing."

J.D., Author and Professor

"Bonnie Berg is a true miracle worker.  As a talk therapist myself, I have experienced the rapid improvement her methods evoke in a fraction of the time it might otherwise take in mainstream therapy.  And, I have more effective 'inner tools'."

G.M., Therapist

"Though skeptical, I decided to have a few sessions of Bonnie's work in preparation for extensive back surgery.  My family and my doctors are amazed at my speedy recovery, but no one is as pleased as I.  And my wife says I'm a different, happier and more patient man!"

A.S., Retired Chemical Engineer


"My life changed dramatically after a tragic accident I had at age 5.  Through my work with Bonnie, I have been able to release this trauma and come to a place of peaceful acceptance.  I am free."

G.W., Professor

"My sister and I have always had difficulties in our relationship.  When our mother became very ill, we knew we needed to become allies.  Since our session with Bonnie, I have not only found a loving sister, but a new and trusted friend."

S.S., Therapist and Organizer

"I started my period after suffering a traumatic loss, and could not stop bleeding for 40 days.  A few hours after my healing work with Bonnie, I felt something clear in my body.  Within a few days, the bleeding stopped completely.  I am so grateful for Bonnie's work."

F.B., Program Director


"Bonnie helped me transform from the point of complete despair to a new life of love, joy and peace.  I am comfortable in my own skin for the first time in my life."

H.W., Designer

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